A virtual reality farming experience

With Simufarm, you can experience driving farm machinery like never before: For the first time, the power of VR comes to agricultural simulation.

Learn to operate machines such as tractors and combines in a safe but immersive environment, or just have some fun being a farmer for a day. Each machine is realistically detailed, with true-to-life controls and operations.

Planned Features

Climb aboard some of the largest, most complicated and expensive farm machines in the world, complete with accurate operation and detailed interiors.

Choose from several climates to farm in, and battle changing weather conditions to establish and harvest your crops in vast play areas.

Build your perfect harvest crew with online cross-platform multiplayer. Make rude gestures at each other or give banter down the CB Radio with built-in voice chat.

Maintain, repair and upgrade your machines with hands-on tools. Refuel your machines after a long day of work, but be careful not to spill any fuel!

Simufarm is a community project

Simufarm isn't backed by a large money-hungry corporation, nor are we pressured by publishers. We're a small independent team of experienced individuals who are genuinely passionate about what we're doing.

Our team has a mixed background in both agriculture and technology, and we're working with talented artists to bring the complete farming experience to VR

We've been doing research and development for Simufarm since the first VR devices were announced.

New to VR?

You'll need a VR headset and good graphics card to play. Thankfully, these becoming more affordable.

Harvest starts early 2018

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